Friday, September 25, 2009

It's been a while...

I know, I know, I'm a total slacker of a blogger. I got so into it, but then, I just kind of stopped... I promise I will try to be better at blogging! So, here is a little family update:
aka: Jack-jack and 'bay buddah'
Jack is now SEVEN months old. I swear time goes by too fast! He is so different than Nick ever was! He is very independent, but also loves to be held. Like, he loves to be held, but also needs to get whatever is sitting closest to him. His babbles are 'mama', 'dada', 'nana', he also sqwaks when he doesn't get what he wants. He is sitting up all by himself, and if he is on his tummy, he can push himself up to a sitting position. He also is scooting very well. If he has an object in front of him that he knows he wants, he is after it, without any hesitation. He started copying me just yesterday. I shook my head no-no, and he started doing it right after. -What a smart boy! He is totally obsessed with food, and likes to be fed at the same time everyone else is eating. He will reach for whatever is in front of him, and stick it directly into his mouth. He loves to bounce while standing, and his new fave is being dipped upside down, and being tossed in the air. (Don't worry, I'm cautious) He LOVES bathtime, and is a big splasher. He loves it best when Nick is in the tub with him. They splish- splash all over the bathroom, and all over mom.

I think they realize they are brothers, and they are supposed to be around one another. Jack finds Nick very entertaining, and Nick loves to play with him. Nick tickles Jack, and they both think it's hillarious. Nick climbs right into Jack's playpen and they play together. (As much as they can) Of course it usually ends up in them both grabbing at the same thing, and one of them crying. Jack puts up a pretty good fight for a 7 month old. Does a mamma proud.

aka Nickerton, Wickywas, Wick, Nickerdoodle....
Nick is two and 4 months... and what a ham. He is definitely in his 'terrible two' stage. Not that it's 'terrible', I think he just likes to push the limits, and fight for his independence. He hates timeout, and everything associated with it. He has decided the walls are his favorite palate for his artwork. ( I swear, I dont know where he keeps getting these writing utensils) He loves swimming, going to the beach, hanging out with family, and trying any new thing he can get his hands on. He loves to help mama, and help with his brother. He still loves Yo Gabba Gabba, and still loves to 'help' mommy in the kitchen.
My mother thinks this is hillarious, so I will share:
Today, I was doing some household chores, and went upstairs to quickly tidy, and put some laundry away. Nick was downstairs, watching a cartoon. I thought he would be okay. I smelled something really funny as I closed the linen closet, rushed downstairs, and there is my Nick- COVERED in red nail polish. He had it covering both of his hands, on his eye lids, his nose, his cheeks, shirt, and last, but not least, my couch. It looks like he poured the polish out onto his hand, and then, decided to smear it all over the place. I was upset, to say the least. I cleaned him up, put him in timeout, and moved past it. A few hours later, after a nap, and a snack, I started to do some more cleaning, and putting laundry away. I went upstairs, put the laundry away, picked up some dirty laundry, organized a few drawers. I swear not ten minutes had past. I went downstairs, and Nick was pouring KETCHUP all over his little brother. Not only was it all over Jack's hair, face and clothes, it was ALL OVER the couch. Yup, the same couch as the nail polish. From one end to another. splotted and smeared. I couldnt even speak. I was SO MAD. All I could do was clean it up. I knew if I opened my mouth, it wouldn't be pretty, and I knew if i went to grab Nick, it wouldn't be gently. The only thing i could do was clean it up. In tears, and have my mom call me. To cry- only to be laughed at.
Needless to say, we wont be buying couches til the kids are in their 20's.
Besides that- Nick is truly a sweet kid. He loves to give hugs and kisses. He loves his dog. He loves our family. And is truly a blessing of mine. If I didn't have my Nick... Oh I don't know where I'd be.
me... aka- mom
I am currently just living the dream. Being a housewife, taking care of the kids, etc. I'm getting out of the Army, so that my children don't have to be without both of their parents. So, that means, bubye free school, and bubye to another source of income. Meanwhile, I'm trying to find an apartment for my family to live in (with a dog) while my husband is deployed. So far, I havent seen anything really promising. But I'm hopeful that things will look better closer to the time of the move. I will probably try to go to school, once I'm home in Utah. Nursing is still what I think I want to go into. There's always a need for nurses, and they usually have very flexible schedules. Plus, I'm confidant it will be easier on me, given my medical history and knowlege.
He is finally a part of the Florida National Guard. Just swore in on Monday. He is looking to deploy on January 6th of 2010. It will be hard for us to be apart, but we know it is a good thing for our family. He will have training from the end of October, to the end of November. We decided we are going to put his dad's house on the market again. So, we are busy trying to get things all organized, and ready to show.
Anyway, that's our update...

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  1. Happy you updated Dan, It's nice to hear the longer version :).